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Ferguson Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml


Ferguson Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml

Ferguson Lemon Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 250 ml


-SOLD OUT- More coming soon

To create Ferguson Australia’s Lemon Pressed Oil, fresh lemons are pressed with the finest Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  This creates a bold flavour superior to that of an infused oil. This zesty oil is extremely versatile and the perfect accompaniment for a wide range of dishes.

Ferguson Australia’s Lemon Oil is 100% natural containing no artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.The Lemon Oil has an 18 month shelf life. The Lemon Oil is medium to deep yellow gold in colour and has a rich fresh tangy citrus aroma.

Lemon Oil is bottled in a clear glass bottle and sealed with an aluminium black screw capped lid. The label is baked onto the glass bottle.

Serving Suggestions: A perfect addition to salads, chicken & seafood! Use in bruschetta and pasta for a lemon burst.

About Woodsmoke Gourmet

Woodsmoke Gourmet was originally created in order to introduce Australians to the wonderful world of BBQ plank cooking!

Founder Scott was immediately hooked after discovering “BBQ Cedar Planked Salmon" on a trip to the Pacific North West region of USA and Canada. “I loved the natural simplicity of the preparation, and when I tasted the result I was blown away”.

Upon returning to Australia, he was disappointed to discover that BBQ grilling planks were relatively unknown. This disappointment though, was the motivating factor behind the development of Woodsmoke Gourmet.

"How and why BBQ plank cooking has managed...

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