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The Ultimate Sea Salt Collection


The Ultimate Sea Salt Collection

The Ultimate Sea Salt Collection


Enjoy this limited edition Sea Salt Collection by Vancouver Island Salt Co, Canada’s first artisanal sea salt harvestry - Normally $45 - Special limited time offer of $ 39.00...(while stocks last)

Inspired by Canada’s rugged terrain and wild coasts, these delicious finishing salts will make for a great addition to your pantry and are sure to delight your dinner guests at the table.

Contains four jars of hand-harvested sea salt : 

Maple wood gives a mild smoke with a hint of sweetness to this finishing salt that’s great on creamy eggs, luscious avocado toast, crunchy roasted vegetables, soup and as a glass rimmer for cocktails such as Margarita's. Vegans love this salt instead of bacon.

A new edition to Canada’s culinary bounty, the anti-oxidant rich Saskatchewan haskap berry has an amazing sweet/tart flavour profile and an incredibly vibrant, ruby colour that will give your dishes an irresistible pop! Try this as a finishing salt on rich chocolate desserts, velvety ice cream, sweet fresh fruit and earthy game like duck and venison.

Beautiful, delicate crystals reminiscent of fresh, powder snow on Canada’s mountain peaks, these bright, crunchy flake sea salt is perfect on perfectly grilled steaks, chops, salmon and chicken, on dark chocolate chip cookies, salted caramel pie, fresh salads, and on dishes you want a crisp burst of flavour of the Pacific Ocean.

Umami and nutrient-rich kelp brings this finishing salt to the next level. Try it on pan-fried fish, add to mussels in white wine sauce, or add to your seafood pasta to echo the ocean. This makes a great flavour booster on French fries, corn and tomato salsa and a lemony herb green sauce.

The gift box is handcrafted from natural pine wood & has a slide top.

Dimension : 14 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm

Total product weight : 770 gsm

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Woodsmoke Gourmet was originally created in order to introduce Australians to the wonderful world of BBQ plank cooking!

Founder Scott was immediately hooked after discovering “BBQ Cedar Planked Salmon" on a trip to the Pacific North West region of USA and Canada. “I loved the natural simplicity of the preparation, and when I tasted the result I was blown away”.

Upon returning to Australia, he was disappointed to discover that BBQ grilling planks were relatively unknown. This disappointment though, was the motivating factor behind the development of Woodsmoke Gourmet.

"How and why BBQ plank cooking has managed...

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