Q. Can I use my grilling planks in the oven?
A. Yes! The plank must be soaked for at least one hour prior to using it in the oven - even longer is better.  Make sure to put the grilling plank in a shallow baking dish to catch drippings.

Q. Do I need to soak my grilling plank if I’m going to bake with it?
A. Yes, soaking the plank will create steam from the heat of the oven and that’s how the cedar flavour will be carried into your food. Make sure to soak your plank for at least one hour before using it in the oven.

Q. Will my food taste smoky if I bake with grilling planks?
A. No, in the oven, your planked dish will steam, but it should not smoke. This will still conduct lots of wood flavour into your food.

Q. What can you plank in the oven?
A. Whatever you want to cook. Some of our favourites are chicken, turkey and salmon.