Vancouver Island Salt Co takes pride in offering handcrafted artisan salts, harvested with care from the cold, clear waters between Canada's Shellfish Coast and the Salmon Capital of the World on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

​Founded by former chef, Andrew Shepherd, these salts are hand-harvested in small batches - a happy harmony of mother nature and the tides, patience and artisanal craftsmanship. 

Woodsmoke Gourmet are very proud to offer the Australia a taste of truly unrefined Canadian sea salt and a selection of sea salt infusions, respectfully hand harvested from the wild coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Why is Sea Salt better?

Amid all the concerns over excessive sodium in today’s diets, there is no denying that salt is essential to life!

In fact, the salt composition of human tissue is similar to that of seawater. Salt is also the single most important ingredient in the determining the taste of our food.

It’s no surprise that at many points in human history, salt was considered a treasured possession. It was only in the last 100 years that salt changed from being a highly valued artisan product to being something more akin to an industrial chemical.
Over 75% of the sodium consumed is found in processed food, so salting at the table or during cooking is not the concern, it's avoiding eating highly-refined and processed foods that use a lot of salt. When you read your food label, you might be surprised to see how much salt is contained in every serving. In regulating our salt intake, we think it's better the salt that you know and put yourself, than consuming hidden salts.

So why choose sea salt over table salt?

Natural sea salt retains several valuable natural trace minerals (e.g. calcium, magnesium, potassium) that are removed during the processing of table salts. Not only are trace minerals stripped off table salt, chemical additives are also routinely added to it to prevent clumping.

Unrefined sea salt is made up of what is naturally found in the ocean. Because of this, the taste of sea salt reflects the characteristics of the waters from which it is harvested. This means no two sea salts taste the same, making for a unique flavour experience that stands in stark contrast to the homogenized nature of table salt.