Although our BBQ planks are reasonably new to Australia, plank cooking is by no means a new concept.

What’s sure, is that Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest Region have been plank cooking Salmon for hundreds of years.

Salmon were harvested from rivers during annual migratory runs. The cleaned fish were then tacked to slabs of wood, and slowly cooked over fire.

This preparation, allowed the Salmon to absorb the natural flavours from the wood. It also helped act as a preservative to enable storage.

Smoking techniques developed over time. Huts and smokehouses were built which captured the smoke and intensified the infusion of flavour.

There is an original recipe for plank cooking in the Boston Cooking School Cookbook - written in 1911.

Fast forward to present day, and we have an array of domestic BBQ’s and smokers which allow us to prepare smoked food quickly, and with ease. (even on a gas BBQ !!)